The insulating segment can be made in many variants.

Variant II

Variant III

Variant IV



To verify the presented concept, preliminary research was carried out. They were realized using the "thermal chamber". 
The research was of comparative nature.

Results of experiments
The results of the experiments confirm the improvement of the thermal insulation of the traditional window after the insulating segment has been introduced into its interior. The heat transfer coefficient is reduced by about 42%. The experiments used insulating segments filled with atmospheric air.

Single-chamber polycarbonate

An effective and cheap alternative to insulation segments can be a segment made of single-chamber polycarbonate.

Tests in the thermal chamber of a single-chamber polycarbonate segment



Comparative studies show a very high improvement in thermal insulation - even up to 50%. The disadvantage of solution is the introduction of optical defects. The specificity of the solution (material durability, simplicity, easy installation) allows, e.g. dismantling outside the heating season. Your choice!

One of the windows in a country house in which segments of single-chamber polycarbonate were mounted
Work is currently underway to remove optical defects.
Note: Solution reported to the Polish Patent Office.