This website is addressed to those interested in unique solutions in aviation and automotive sector. Information contained here can be both useful for prospective investors and inspiring for other people curious of technology.
The website contains information on aspects which the website author worked on in the past. 
They include:

  • flying cars (project description, aerodynamic tests), i.e. “Alpha” 
  • V/STOL aircraft, flying taxis “Beta taxi”, i.e. "Beta"
  • recovery of braking energy in cars, i.e. "Gamma"
  • Flattened ring-wing (coleopter) in „delta” arrangement  (experimental aircraft, screenplane ), i.a. „Delta”
  • aerodynamic vehicle roof boxes, i.e. “Aero-Box”
  • mass stabilizer for rocket “Epsilon”
  • thermal insulation of windows “Zeta”

This website will be complemented with new tabs over time, containing technical information in the field
of aviation, automotive sector and other. 

I wish you success.

Marek Foltyński