Mass stabilizer for rocket

Mass stabilizer is a device which is supposed to evoke additional stability moment  during their landing. The meaningful feature of this solution can be usage of additional mass elements as chains being transferred during landing – regaining of the first degree of the rocket. Using as mass elements so called heavy chains is aimed to mitigate the process of rocket’s landing to Earth.                                                                                                                                                                         
Additional moments of stabilization are big enough to streamline the process of landing – regaining of the first degree of the rocket as well as improve the accuracy of  landing.
Numeric signatures shown on presented sketches these are:
1- Rocket’s body
2- pillar (the leg)
4- chain’s shield
5- silencer (energy absorber)
6the rope(line)

Sketch.  Configuration of the unit during the movement of pillars (legs) (2). The directions of each elements movements have also been shown. The task of the rope(line) (6) and energy absorber (5) is to slow down the movement of the chain (3) combined with placing it in a proper position before landing.

Using of heavy chain is the issue of patent assignment P.416582 completed on 23rd March 2016 in Polish Patent Agency